Telford Repair Café

Who We Are

We are part of an international Repair Café movement that started in the Netherlands in 2009 to fight climate change by joining communities together to repair things to prevent waste. Today, there are more than 1,500 Repair Cafes worldwide.


Our motto is ‘Don’t bin it, stop loving it or wearing it. Instead, bring it to Telford Repair Café so one of our volunteers can repair it’.


Telford Repair Café was set up as a community interest group in 2018, meeting once a month at a local café. Visitors bring their broken items for repair and our expert and enthusiastic volunteers fix them or show people how to fix items themselves.

What we fix

Volunteers with wide ranging skills help to fix most items, such as broken vacuum cleaners, watches, jewellery, radios, furniture, hems and seams and blunt knives.

Thank You to Our Supporters

Telford Makerspace
Telford & Wrekin Council
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